Peter Brack

I’m considering a run for US Congress


I’m active politically, and am learning how to be more effective as an activist. I’m involved in some organizations – both small, and more established. I’m most interested in finding grassroots movements and communities, and helping to give them a larger voice.

If you or your organization fit this description, feel free to contact me. I can’t reply to everyone, but if your effort looks interesting, you’ll hear from me. I’ll do my best to broadcast the best ideas.

To help in that effort, I’ve also established a Facebook community which aims to raise the profile of causes, movements, candidates, and volunteers who are doing important work. Feel free to follow and to add your voice [here].

If you’re a scrappy founder and you’re building a business, I know you’ll find a better way to reach me.
Over the course of my career, I’ve lived, studied, and worked in five countries. And I’ve traveled to well over 100 countries.
For much of the last 15 years, I built and ran media companies in China – a very unfriendly environment for media. I was co-founder and CEO of two companies, both of which went public on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. I’ve had all the ups – and downs – of being a founder and building businesses. 
I’m now a venture capital investor, funding and helping other entrepreneurs build and grow their own businesses. I began my career at Time Warner, where I helped to open and build the Asia operations for CNN’s parent company, Turner Broadcasting. 
I’ve seen a lot, done a lot, and failed and succeeded along the way. Most importantly, I’ve learned a ton. 
My wife and I (together with our dog, Nigel) now live in Los Angeles and travel all over the US and the world. Nigel often comes with us.
This website is a way to share some of the stuff I’m interested and involved in.