During my career to date, I’ve lived, studied, and worked in five countries. And I’ve done business and spent meaningful time in many more. I’ve seen a lot and done a lot, failing and succeeding along the way. Most importantly I’ve learned a ton. 

For much of the last 15 years I was based in China. 

I’m now based in Los Angeles where I’m a venture partner at Mucker Capital, an early-stage venture capital firm. I began my career at Time Warner, where I helped to open and build the Asia operations for CNN’s parent company, Turner Broadcasting.

During my time in China, I was co-founder and CEO of two companies, both of which went public on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. I’ve had all the ups – and downs – of being a founder and building businesses. I’ve raised angel funding, struggled to meet payroll, raised venture capital, again struggled to meet payroll, built boards, raised private equity, made some bad decisions and some good ones too. If you’re just getting started as a founder, if you’re somewhere in the middle, or if you’re moving toward an exit, I’m pretty sure I know what’s on your plate.

This website is a way to share some of the stuff I’m interested in, and a place to share my thoughts and opinions on a wide range of topics. I’m relentlessly curious – and hopefully that’s reflected here and in my weekly newsletter.


A note on social issues and politics:

I’m politically active and am learning how to be more effective as an engaged citizen. I’m involved in some non-profit organizations – both small, and more established. I’m most interested in finding grassroots movements and communities, and helping to give them a larger voice.

If you or your organization fit this description, feel free to contact me. I can’t reply to everyone, but if your effort looks interesting, you’ll hear from me. I’ll do my best to broadcast the best ideas.

To help in that effort, I’ve established a Facebook community that’s grown to over 90,000 people – with an aim to raise the profile of causes, movements, candidates, and volunteers who are doing important work. Feel free to follow and to add your voice here.

If you’re a scrappy founder and you’re building a business, the best way to reach me is through someone who already knows me.