When Should A SaaS Startup Founder Hire a VP of Sales?


A pattern I’ve seen around SaaS startups which are able to scale most efficiently are the ones where a founder is laser-focused (ie. actively pounding the pavement) on BD/Sales – at least until product-market fit – but best-case, until you simply cannot handle the volume. You’ve learned which verticals to target, how best to pitch to customers, how to sell, how to price, what to charge for on-boarding, who the decision makers are — and ultimately, you’ve learned what skill sets are required when you make your first dedicated BD hire. Your new VP of Sales may be able to help you increase volume and maximize unit economics – but you’ll be intimately aware of what their OKR’s should be and what their role entails, making you a stronger and more effective manager. Passing this critical role to someone else too early is risky, and most often costs you time, energy and additional burn (I’ve seen it drag for 6-9 crucial months)… Not the first time this has been written or said, but doesn’t hurt to be reminded of it early and often. My $0.02