Diary from Election Night 2016

A stunning outcome. We moved to the US just as this election cycle was beginning, and got involved with pent-up enthusiasm after years of living in countries without their own democratic process. I’m extremely sad that our candidate didn’t win, and I’m sure there will be much uncertainty for quite some time. The voters have spoken. My takeaway on this exhausted evening is that our nation is divided far more than I had imagined — more than almost anyone imagined. Yet this election has inspired me to do more, to be more active in our communities, to be better. A divide this great is simply not tolerable. A deep distrust of our institutions, our law enforcement, our journalists, and our fellow citizens, is just unacceptable. I certainly don’t know how to fix these problems and the many others we face. But I’m now determined to be even more involved, to learn more, and to help wherever possible. I hope others feel the same inspiration. To everyone who campaigned, who worked so hard, who inspired others to give their time and energy, thank you.